Sunday, May 18, 2008


Those who know me well might find this slightly hilarious... I'm a food person, if such a "term" exists. I love to cook (when I have the time for it) and generally I make sure that there is something in the fridge to eat besides a piece of cheese from the previous century (no offense to the French! :P). Also, I know what a "food for emergencies" stock means. But as I found out yesterday evening, this time I had outdone myself! I came to a sorrowful conclusion that I had nothing to eat except Heinz ketchup. Even the (nowadays) hated MAMA noodle cup-soups were missing. Oh, thats a lie. I also 'discovered' 4 small tomatoes, but all of them suffered from an unknown disease called "too old". 
So, why don't I go and get some groceries, you might ask?
The bright side is that I no longer get lost in Seacon Square mall. The downside is that with every visit I seem to find less and less stuff I feel like eating :) Call me spoiled and call me pathetic, but I do wander around in Tesco looking and looking... what's nice.. what could resemble European food... no sour-cream?!... hmm... milk is good. Canned pork by Tulip - no way! Some funny looking sausages...maybe another time. Cereal for emergencies. Dried squid!? That green stuff.. do I eat it raw?... hmm...No stove, no food. Ready-made? YACK! Overpriced low quality cheese! That will do, if only I could get my hands on decent dark bread. No more rice, please... Frozen pizza, yes! Oh... no oven. And it goes on and on :)
However, the ridiculousness of the whole situation only makes it worse... think Myanmar and me here acting as a 5-year old. And I keep telling myself - c'mon, grow up! 

This morning (as on every Sunday) bunch of the small street-carts grilling chicken show up next to the RamaIX park. Got a small chicken breast. Lets hope for no salmonella, but at least I have utilized my ketchup :)


the donG said...

i was laughing while reading this. in my case i prefer mayonnaise as an alternative to ketchup except on spaghetti.

Laura said...

I found the writing process rather amusing myself, to be honest :)
Spaghetti would be fantastic, even with mayo! However, what's really on my mind right now is boiled asparagus potatoes with half a liter of sour-cream, thats spiced up with garlic, spring onions and truckloads of fresh parsley :)

the donG said...

whoa! it makes me hungrier coz i just visited someone else's blog that featured delicious food. i'll check the frig.