Friday, May 23, 2008

9 Days Left

One of the last weekends for me here. After the 1st of June there still might be some words in me to write under "lost" & "found", however none of it is going to be taking place in Thailand. Back to the place I came from. I wonder what to do about this blog. Change to title to "Lost & Found In Thailand/continued in Denmark"? :) Somehow I have become attached to this silent way of getting rid of thoughts. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost done!

Ehh, what time is it? 3am? Nice. Lovely hour to be awake. Well, everything is silent except few barking dogs and rather noisy bugs. What are they called... cicadas. The "cicada song" is overrated, trust me. More like a high frequency buzzzzz buzzzz.
Anyways, just sitting here, writing and writing my main project - about to get seriously tired of the whole thing :) The more I look at it, the larger the conviction that it all is useless and worthless. Whatever the outcome, Im looking forward to the moment when I call TNT and say - take it away, please :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Those who know me well might find this slightly hilarious... I'm a food person, if such a "term" exists. I love to cook (when I have the time for it) and generally I make sure that there is something in the fridge to eat besides a piece of cheese from the previous century (no offense to the French! :P). Also, I know what a "food for emergencies" stock means. But as I found out yesterday evening, this time I had outdone myself! I came to a sorrowful conclusion that I had nothing to eat except Heinz ketchup. Even the (nowadays) hated MAMA noodle cup-soups were missing. Oh, thats a lie. I also 'discovered' 4 small tomatoes, but all of them suffered from an unknown disease called "too old". 
So, why don't I go and get some groceries, you might ask?
The bright side is that I no longer get lost in Seacon Square mall. The downside is that with every visit I seem to find less and less stuff I feel like eating :) Call me spoiled and call me pathetic, but I do wander around in Tesco looking and looking... what's nice.. what could resemble European food... no sour-cream?!... hmm... milk is good. Canned pork by Tulip - no way! Some funny looking sausages...maybe another time. Cereal for emergencies. Dried squid!? That green stuff.. do I eat it raw?... hmm...No stove, no food. Ready-made? YACK! Overpriced low quality cheese! That will do, if only I could get my hands on decent dark bread. No more rice, please... Frozen pizza, yes! Oh... no oven. And it goes on and on :)
However, the ridiculousness of the whole situation only makes it worse... think Myanmar and me here acting as a 5-year old. And I keep telling myself - c'mon, grow up! 

This morning (as on every Sunday) bunch of the small street-carts grilling chicken show up next to the RamaIX park. Got a small chicken breast. Lets hope for no salmonella, but at least I have utilized my ketchup :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going Royal

Not a bad seat to dwell in while enjoying a a blanket. I also wonder if Mojito comes with it :) Unfortunately there wasn't any movie I felt like watching, but hopefully something in my taste comes along before I leave.


My work-mate's Ooy's niece's 13th birthday dinner. The biggest prawns I have ever seen... scary long legs :) And oysters... now, what you do with them is: place one in your spoon, put some dried/fried onions on top, ad that green paste (ground chillies with what?) and place "grass" on top!

The Bus

I've been mentioning the awesome busses before, but now I finally managed to take a very shaky image - sorry about that, but the vehicle is rattling even at standstill :)
Wood floor and I believe that the white plastic tanks in the left front corner of the bus is The Aid Kit. For the bus,  that is :) And what's that "box" in the middle? Gear support unit?! :)
Oh yeah, the ticket's worth 7 THB (1.05 DKK).

Friday, May 9, 2008


It had to happen, you know - I have just tried the feared durian-fruit courtesy to my work colleague The Fruit Man. For those who don't know - this fruit stinks. It really does. Most hotels have a sign saying "No Go" (I think I have posted a picture of such from Singapore). Cannot really describe the smell... hmm... something sickeningly sweet...
Anyways, I should be talking about the taste. I got the chance to try two different types of durian. The 'fruit meat' is very sweet (however it's possible to get another type that is less sweet) and has extremely soft & 'creamy' consistence - seriously, it feels like eating large mouthfuls of Philadelphia cream-cheese. The look of it is misleading. 
Also, I could almost feel the sugar buzz from super-high levels of carbon-hydrates :) 
The taste.. I came up with a theory it reminded me of very sweet pineapple but without the acid-like sharpness to it. However, my suggestion was rejected, so now I'm left without a comparison.
A few pointers: don't eat it right after mealtime. My tummy feels like I've been crunching on stones. Have a chewing-gum or a toothbrush handy. You'll need it, trust me :P

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Brown Sugar Jazz club


It's been a while since my last post. Should I say that I've been extremely busy? Well, partially; but I also haven't been in the mood to write. Have been floating somewhere in between reality and dreamworld. Less than four weeks to go until I leave. Somehow that's the only thing I can think about. Sure, I have a few fun days planned ahead, but that doesn't stop me from gazing upon all the planes flying above my "home" here (living not far from the airport, you see) and wondering why the heck I'm not on one of them :)
Heh, this post is 'crying out' for a title 'Homesick'! Let's just do that then.