Friday, May 9, 2008


It had to happen, you know - I have just tried the feared durian-fruit courtesy to my work colleague The Fruit Man. For those who don't know - this fruit stinks. It really does. Most hotels have a sign saying "No Go" (I think I have posted a picture of such from Singapore). Cannot really describe the smell... hmm... something sickeningly sweet...
Anyways, I should be talking about the taste. I got the chance to try two different types of durian. The 'fruit meat' is very sweet (however it's possible to get another type that is less sweet) and has extremely soft & 'creamy' consistence - seriously, it feels like eating large mouthfuls of Philadelphia cream-cheese. The look of it is misleading. 
Also, I could almost feel the sugar buzz from super-high levels of carbon-hydrates :) 
The taste.. I came up with a theory it reminded me of very sweet pineapple but without the acid-like sharpness to it. However, my suggestion was rejected, so now I'm left without a comparison.
A few pointers: don't eat it right after mealtime. My tummy feels like I've been crunching on stones. Have a chewing-gum or a toothbrush handy. You'll need it, trust me :P


the donG said...

hahaha... in the Philippines majority of the people doesn't like durian but there's a place here (Davao City) that breeds durians and really tasty durians. so mostly, only the people coming from this city likes durian here but it's getting popular little by little.

when i tasted it in my childhood days i hate it but when i tasted it back in high school, i started to like it.

lagal[og] said...

hi laura! as dominic noted earlier, in the philippines you will meet quite a lot of people who share the disdain for the fruit. i happen to like it, smell and all, but i wouldn't try to smuggle one (or two) on my carry-on luggage in the airplane as the whole place will stink, hahaha.

Laura said...

A follow-up: yesterday, just as lunch time was approaching, The Smell got me just as I hit the stairs :) The kitchen staff had purchased some sweet dessert sauce with durian pieces in it!
I passed this time :) I like the taste, though it is a bit too sweet for me, but, dear but, there's something funny about the texture of the fruit meat. I'm not sure my brain can connect the feeling in my mouth with the fact that its a real fruit :)

Oh no, no smuggling, hehe. However, I will try to smuggle some mangosteen's if possible. Love those :)

For some reason I thought durian was popular all over the region here, but you, guys, are proving me wrong :)